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February 2022

DianeN - Winter Twilight
Quote Brightness
Steps to the clouds
Joshua Tree
NeilM - Death Valley, Dante's Viewpoint
NeilM - Mesquite Dunes 0122
DonS - The Yacht Club-1
DonS - Thosand Palms Oasis 1-1
DonS - Telus Charging Station-Bombay Beach-1
Joshua Tree
DonS - Friendly Neighborhood Hawk-1
GailS_Artichoke b_w
GailS_Says Phoebe

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Field Trip - La Quinta Car Show

PatG- AutoShow-2
PatG- AutoShow-1
PatG- AutoShow-3
DonS - The Pipes
DonS - Thinking about Ukraine
DonS - The Low Rider
JimS - V8
JimS - Green Bird
JimS - Ukraine Rod
JimS - Flame Thrower
JimS - Pony Car
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