Monthly Activities

February 2021

AnnieB Honey Truck
AnnieB Pond Leaf
AnnieB Dinner Time HK
AnnieB Floating Feather
NeilM - Frozen Water Dispenser
NeilM - Leaf That Didn't Leave
GrahamJ-Sea ice
GrahamJ-Cumberland shore
GrahamJ-Horse head
JimS Snowy Tunnel
JimS Icy Day at the Beach
JimS Bunker at Ft Missassauga
JimS Hole #7
JimS Walking the Dog
JimS First Snow
NeilM - "Stained Glass" Freezing Soap Bubble
NeilM - Freezing Soap Bubble
DonS - 2  Apple Blossom High Key Edited.
Eagle 1
DonS 2 Trumpiter Swan 21
DonS 2 Fisherman
CraigS - Sapa
Paulp - Zion
Paulp - Zion - Vector harsh
Paulp - Zion - Oil Painting
NeilM 2 Trestle
JimS - The Ice House
JeffF - Roses
ErnieW - Happy Birthday
GlennJ - Call of the Wild
GailS - Flowers
DonS - Wintery Mountians2
DonS - Wintery Mountians1
DonP - Water Lily
DonP - Water Lily High Key
DonP - Water Lily Twirl Study No. 2
Betty T - leaf frozon in time
DianeN - 2 San Clemente Bluffs
ErnieW - The House in the Fog Final
ErnieW - Beyond the Fence
ErnieW - Irish River
ErnieW - The Wizards of Ashtabula

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Updated 02/21/2021

Paulp - Zion - Oil Painting