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The web is rich in resources for photographers. On this page we list web sites from around the world. 


If you have any favorites that you would like to share with the club please send us the link and we will add it to this page.

Hands Typing


A New Zealand photographer with a global reach

Photographers web sites.

Galleries, education, narratives


This web site gathers photo contributions from all over the world. The gallery is 'live' and is constantly updated. A great source for inspiration.


International photo expiditions. Presenter at SC Palm Desert


Graham Jones, SCSH Camera Club member


A photography community unlike any other.

Explore 50 million inspiring photos, connect with other enthusiasts and learn more about the craft.

Free Lightroom tutorials.


Anthony Morganti with the Adobe Lightroom 5 training videos

Neil Miller, SCSH Camera Club member

Educational web sites.

Learn from the best


On-line photography school


"How to take better pictures"


Photo tours/workshops. Recent presenter at SC Palm Desert. is a free learning site by macro photographer Johan J. Ingles - Le Nobel geared towards budget-conscious intermediate level macro photographers who want to know how to do extreme macro photography and the equipment that we use.

Putting on a show: tips for exhibiting your photography.
Published by Amateur Photographer

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to begin to exhibit your photography? Roger Hicks explains how to set up your first show, using his experiences of the Arles photography festival in France as an example.

Victoria Bampton, the Lightroom Queen

Please contribute to this directory and send us your favorite links.....

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