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January 2022

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DianeN - Vineyard Chicken
ErnieW - 3 The Big Dig Final
DianeN - French Chateau 2
LynnR - Cat in Hiding
GailS - Swans-4
GailS - HITS
JimS - Griswold House
NeilM - Snowy Peak
NeilM - Window From The Past
NeilM - In Flight
NeilM - Drive-In
NeilM - Old Wagon
NeilM - Livery Stable
DonS - Below Sea Level-2
DonS - Dos Palmas Oasis 1-2
DonS - Dos Palmas Abandon Headquarters-2
DonS - Dos Palmas Collection Pond-1
StephenF -Tigeroncourse
VibV Painted Canyon LV
CraigS5wheresthebear 2
CraigS4letsrock 2
CraigS3I'm looking at you 2
CraigS2Coke 2
JeffF-Hualalai Sunset
JimS - Rememberance Day
JimS - Fall at Newark Park
JimS - Winds of December (iPhone)
JimS - McCallum Oasis
DonP - Sketched Reflection Too
DonP Big Lemon
VibV Painted Canyon
DonP - Raley's Bouquet Sketch
GrahamJ-Fly fishing
GrahamJ - Waiting for summer
GrahamJ-Old wind pump
VibV Chicago Skyline1
VibV Statue of Liberty Oil Paint
VibV Sunrise SH
VibV  Skyline
VibV Perfection Mpmq
KLM houses
VibV Chicago Skyline
GrahamJ-Ships of the desert
Richw - PT Boot SAM_1947_edited-3
Richw - 7 mile drive
Richw - Old Rome SAM_2968_edited-2
Richw -Mountain Snow 20190219_135032_edited-3
VibV Chicago Laketour
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