Monthly Activities

January 2020

January 6th -  Camera Club's Date Festival Meeting.  9 AM to 11 AM in the Monterey Room


January 8th - Main Meeting: Education topic Guest Speaker (Gary L. Freidman

January 9th -  Lightroom/PS SIG

January 13th - Field Trip: The Cahuilla Tewanet Overlook

January 15th - Beginner Post Processing SIG

January 22th - Workshop: Night Photography

Photo Theme:  Action

Gary L. Friedman is a professional photographer who has traveled the world with his cameras.  He has also written several highly-acclaimed e-books on digital imaging, all aimed at demystifying the complexities of digital cameras.   He will follow up his talk by conducting one of his seminars January 11-12th, nearby.  He has a gift for making complex things extremely easy to understand.  His "High-Impact Photo Seminar" will give you the secrets to shooting "Wow!" images immediately, with whatever camera you have, and without needing photoshop.  Beginning and experienced photographers alike have praised the course as being intuitive and approachable.

You can learn more about the seminar at: 

Assignment:  Action

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Field Trip:  The Cahuilla Tewanet Overlook

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