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Previous photo assignments

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May 2021

NeilM - Edmonton Skyline
NeilM - St Albert Trestle
NeilM -2 Sturgeon River Pano
StephenF 1 BigbearlakesonypanDSC00077
JimS 1 Painted Ladies of Grimsby #1 Pano
JimS 2 Painted Ladies of Grimsby #2 Pano
JeffF-Lunar Eclipse
JeffF Ko Olina Sunset
JeffF Ko Olina Sunset 2
GrahamJ 3 panorama (Herbs)
GrahamJ 2 Panorama in camera
GrahamJ 1 Panorama
ErnieW - 2Panorama
ErnieW - 1Panorama
DonS - Kamloops Lake 1
DonP Rockaway Back Yard
CraigS Pano2 PorqpineGolf Club
CraigS Pano1
StephenF 2 bigbearlake_Panorama1.12
BethB_ PCT Panorama
BethB_ Golf  Course Panorama
Betty T 2 - Parksville Beach 2-2
NeilM - Female Red-winged Blackbird
NeilM - Red-winged Blackbird Breath
NeilM - American Wigeon
JimS - Crab Apples
GlennJ -Great Horned Owl Chicks4
GlennJ - Great Horned Owl Chicks3
GlennJ - Great Horned Owl Chicks1
Ernie W - 5Find the parts you  like
GlennJ - Great Horned Owl Chicks2
Ernie W - 4Paint in the  details
DonS - Yellowheaded Black
Ernie W - 3Pour it out
Ernie W - 2Processed
Ernie W - 1The Original
DonP - Joe's Alstroemeria Study No. 3
DianeN - Gerlach Strait
DonP - Joe's Alstroemeria Study No. 2
Diane N -  Baby Birds
Betty T -sail boat
CraigS - Cuba
CraigS - Danny
CraigL - Yosemite
Betty T  - marina-5
AnnieB- Morning Hug After
AnnieB - Sound Asleep After
AnnieB - Sad Eyes After

April 2021

DianeN Arles v2
ArtN - Hapuna at Sunset
ArtN - Flower at Botanical Gardens
GrahamJ - Angel dancer
JimS - Laundry Day
JeffF - Garrapata
GlennJ - Lego
ErnieW - ThePilgrimage
DianeN - Arles
DonP - A New Beginning
CraigS Bandon5
CraigS Bandon3
CraigS Bandon4
CraigS Bandon2
CraigS Bandon
Paulp - Antelope
Betty T - high key pioneer village

March 2021

NeilM - Juxtaposition
GlennJ - Spinning
NeilM -  The Watchman_
JimS - Kornati Islands Luminar
JimS  Italian Red Edit
DonP 6 Zion Spring
GlennJ  - Aurora
DianeN - St Paul de Mausole Iris
ErnieW - We're Still In Kansas
CraigL - The Photographers
NeilM - Old Barn
NeilM - Coyote
NeilM - Abandoned House
NeilM - Plains Bison
Betty T Heron
GlennJ - Tiger
GlennJ - Red Pandas
GlennJ - Hairy Woodpecker
GlennJ - Black Capped Chickadee
GlennJ - Red Panda

February 2021

NeilM - Classic Bear
JimS - Low Key Colour
JimS - Low Key B&W
GrahamJ-Storm over SCSH
GrahamJ-Yellow flower
GlennJ 2 Low Key
ErnieW - Low Key Image
NeilM - Old Violin
DonS - 2 Kodak Jr.
DonP Low Key Cookie Jar
ErnieW - The House in the Fog Final
ErnieW - Beyond the Fence
ErnieW - Irish River
ErnieW - The Wizards of Ashtabula
Paulp - Zion - Vector harsh
Paulp - Zion - Oil Painting
NeilM 2 Trestle
JimS - The Ice House
JeffF - Roses
ErnieW - Happy Birthday
GlennJ - Call of the Wild
GailS - Flowers
DonS - Wintery Mountians2
DonS - Wintery Mountians1
DonP - Water Lily High Key
DonP - Water Lily
DonP - Water Lily Twirl Study No. 2
DianeN - 2 San Clemente Bluffs
Betty T - leaf frozon in time
Paulp - Zion
CraigS - Sapa
NeilM - -Stained Glass- Freezing Soap Bubble
NeilM - Freezing Soap Bubble
DonS - 2  Apple Blossom High Key Edited
Eagle 1
DonS 2 Trumpiter Swan 21
DonS 2 Fisherman
JimS Snowy Tunnel
JimS Icy Day at the Beach
JimS Bunker at Ft Missassauga
JimS Hole #7
JimS Walking the Dog
JimS First Snow
GrahamJ-Sea ice

January 2021

JeffF Reflection
NeilM - Ice Bubbles
JimS  The Tree
GlennJ wordburning preparation
GrahamJ A moment in time
GlennJ wood burning
GailS Date Palms
GailS Monument Valley
ErnieW 2 It's a Ford My Lord
DonS Trumpeter Swan
Diane N BrokenBits-NeonRise
DonS Trumpeter Swan 2
DonP 2 ATSF 940 at Bartlesville
Diane N BrokenBits-Southwest
BethB 2 Best after
NeilM Abraham Lake
ArtN  Bixby Bridge
CraigS 14th Hole

March 2020 - Spring in the Desert

February 2020 - Street Photography and Field Trip to Light Trails

VHanback - Milkweed
Lestlie P-Spring Evening
Diane N - Red Agave
NeilM - What's for Lunch-
NeilM - The Tourists
NeilM - Mobile Office
NeilM - Delivery Service
NeilM - Curiosity
NeilM - But are they calorie free-
LestlieP - Lavender Lady
LP-Boat Coming Home
LestlieP - Vendor Lady
JimS-The Shoes
JimS-Street Photographer
JimS-Taco Lady
GrahamJ-On the 'T'
JimS-Heave Ho
GrahamJ-Old Town Road, East Jesus
GrahamJ-Greek Bling
GrahamJ-Going home
GrahamJ - Photo Exhibition 2
GrahamJ - Photo Exhibition 1
GailS - Street
Don S-White Water Walkabout
Don S-The Wrong Way
Don P Yoda at Trafalgar
Don S-The umbrellas
Don S-The Shoppers
Don S-Celebrate your Retirement
Don P -If you didn't take the picture, y
Diane N - WhereIsMyGroup
Don P At the Market
Don P Antsy
Diane N - StreetArt
Diane N - IsThisTheRightHat
DA-Retail in Africa-2
DA-Retail in Africa
DA-Lookin Good
DA-Christmas Streets in Germany
DA-I Look Good
Betty T -Which car is His
Betty T -Algodones Street-1
Betty T -Algodones Street 2
NeilM - Which Way Now-
Betty -  All mine
JimS-Hwy 74 Light Trails
JimS-Hwy 74 City Lights
Don S-Light Trails
JimS-Hwy 74 Sunset
Betty T - Light Trails Going Up-1
Betty T - Light Trails 2
Betty T - Light Trails-1

October 2021

NeilM - Autumn Waterfall
WadeS - Strawberry
NeilM - Cadomin Fall
VibV 1 Tennis L Fernandez
NeilM -  Cadomin Fall 2
JimS -  Morning Fog on The Commons Edit
GlennJ 3 - Sirocco
DianeN - Marksburg Blacksmith
DonS- 2 Old Time Window
CraigS Mekong Delta Vietnam
CraigS Nepal
CraigS Maasai Serengeti
CraigS Kathmandu
CraigS Maasai Serengeti 2
Betty T - Duck
DonP - The Arch - Cabo San Lucas

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