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  Photo Resizing


Basic Photo Processing 



On this page we provide three presentations that were given at our October 2015 club meeting.

Most photos when they come out of your camera require some form of post processing to adapt them for presentation as prints, for use on a web site, to make books, etc. For example, to publish your photos on this web site we ask that you submit them sized at the most 2048 pixels on the long side and to include a title that comprises your name and the photo title.


Here we have focused on three types of systems to illustrate how to conduct basic processing/resizing: PC/Windows, Android and Mac. While it is easy to resize photos using Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, or most other major post-processing software, these instructions are for people who have not yet invested in one of these packages.  In most instances all the software you need comes as standard with your systems. There are however a few instances where you need additional software. For these cases we have identified free "apps" that do the job. 


Choose the presentation that relates to your hardware set up:


         PC/ Windows                          Android                       Mac (Apple)

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