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Monthly activities include a main meeting, a workshop session, field trips, a photo feedback session, Basic Post Processing meetings, and an Advanced Photography meeting.  

The Main Meeting, workshops, and field trips are held in person during the season October - May; the other meetings are held via Zoom year round. 

Main Meetings will have several shorter presentations with something for everyone, beginner to advanced.  The basic format of the Main Meetings includes  introduction and general Information, a 30 minute education topic,  a discription of next month's photo theme and upcoming events; a photo share; and a display of last month's photo submissions.  There will be time for socializing at the end of the meeting.  The Photo Share will be a club member sharing several of their photos and what they did to get the shot, covering topics such as planning, composition, camera settings, etc.


The field trips of photo shoots range from one- to multi-day shoots. These are a great way to get out and photograph sights near and far together with your fellow club members.  Please make sure to register with the event organizers.  


​Photos from monthly themes and field trips are submitted using the Submit Photos button above and are added to the appropriate photo gallery.  Instructions for photo submissions for Zoom meetings will be included in the periodic emails for the meetings. 

Below is a summary of the in-person activities for the current year.  See the Calendar for more information on dates and times:

November:  Monthly Theme:  Night.  Main Meeting Topic: Night Photography (Glenn Jones).  Workshop:  PhotoPills.  Field Trip:  Anza Borrego.

December:  Monthly Theme:  Made me Smile.  Main Meeting Topic: Exposure, Focus, Perspective Stacking (Guest Speaker - Tad Hetu).  Workshop:  Stacking.  Field Trip:  Cabot Pueblo Museum

January:  Monthly Theme:  From Ground Level.  Main Meeting Topic: Pet Photography (Guest Speaker - Mark Hughes).  Workshop:  Pet Photography.  Field Trip:  The Living Desert

February:  Monthly Theme:  Blue.  Main Meeting Topic: Abstract photography incl. ICM (Neil Miller).  Workshop:  Abstract Techniques.  Field Trip:  Dos Palmas Preserve

March:  Monthly Theme:  Monochrome.  Main Meeting Topic: Monochrome (Don Paskewitz).  Workshop:  Monochrome.  Field Trip:  Palm Springs VillageFest

April:  Monthly Theme:  J is for ...   Main Meeting Topic: Close Up / Macro Photography (Gail Steward).  Workshop:  Closeup / Macro.  Field Trip:  JW Marriott Grounds.

May:  Monthly Theme:  Movement.  Main Meeting Topic: Street Photography (Vib Verma)

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