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The subpages under the Resources tab provide information and access to resources to help you gain more from your photography while enhancing your SCSH Camera Club membership.  The presentations cover topics previously discussed at our club meetings and workshops.  Also check out helpful videos on the Club YouTube channel.

Internet resources are practically endless.  Google (or use your favorite internet search engine) searches can turn up information and / or videos on almost anything.  Need help with composition - Google "Photography Composition". Need help with cropping in Lightroom - Google "Lightroom Cropping". Need help with replacing sky in Photoshop - Google "Photoshop Sky Replacement.

Resizing Photos for Submission

Digital photos comprise thousands of dots called pixels. The human eye 'reads' these pixels and translates them into an image. To achieve optimum optical quality it is important to have the correct pixel count depending on the application. Every size of photo print and every type/size of video display demands certain pixel specifications to reproduce high quality images.

When you download your images from your camera they will be set to some predefined size and resolution. The camera manufacturers and the computer software accepting your images predefine many specifications including size and resolution. 

The steps to resize a photo vary with the post processing software used.  If you don't already use post processing software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Topaz Studio 2, Capture One, etc., the following documents describe how to resize photos on PCs or Macs using free or included software:

It is easier to resize cellphone photos on a computer.  Use these instructions to move your Android or iPhone photos to your computer:

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