Calendar & Events

The Camera Club season begins with the first club meeting, photo shoots and workshops in October. Details are posted on this website. Details include:

     - Meetings and workshop dates/agenda

     - Photoshoots (locations/dates)

     - Competitions

     - Annual membership enrollment

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Our club workshops are designed to be 'hands-on' sessions. Here you can learn and practice with your fellow members using your own camera, computer, software, etc. Workshop leaders provide one-on-one help during the sessions.

Currently there are four workshop programs:

Photo Feedback- 1st Wednesday of each month, 3-5 PM, Monterey Room, starting in November.  These sessions are for members to come together for friendly feedback on each others' photos.


Lightroom/Photoshop (LR/PS) SIG (advanced) - 2nd Thursday of each month, 3-5 PM, La Jolla Room

Beginning Post Processing - 3rd Wednesday of each month, 3-5 PM, Monterey Room


General workshops/mentoring sessions - 4th Wednesday of each month, 3-5 PM, Monterey Room.  These hands-on sessions discuss various topics and provide opportunities to meet with experienced photographers.  


  • Most meetings and workshops are held in the Santa Rosa club house in either the Monterey or La Jolla rooms.

  • To facilitate car pooling, most photo shoots gather at the Santa Rosa main entrance.

  • Email notifications and reminders are sent out as needed.

Updated 07/10/2020