2020/2021 Monthly Activities

Monthly activities include a photo feedback session, a main meeting, workshop sessions, field trips, Lightroom/Photoshop Special Interest Group (SIG), and Beginning Post Processing SIG meetings.  


The Main Meetings will have several shorter presentations with something for everyone, beginner to advanced.  The basic format of the meetings will be:  General Information, Updates, Treasurer's Report; Tip of the Month / Member Questions Answered; Photo Share; 30 minute education Topic; a 15 minute teaser for the next workshop; discussion of next month's photo theme; and display of last month's photo submissions.  The Member Questions will be selected from those submitted through the Submit Questions button above.  The Photo Share will be a club member sharing several of their photos and what they did to get the shot, covering topics such as planning, composition, camera settings, etc.


The field trips of photo shoots range from one- to multi-day shoots. These are a great way to get out and photograph sights near and far together with your fellow club members.  Please make sure to register with the event organizers.   Below is a summary of the activities, with details on the following pages.

During the Covid 19 restrictions, we are participating in Zoom meetings only. You will be invited to join these meeting once you are a member or have renewed your membership. To join or renew, use the "Join the club" button above.  All current members receive invites for each meeting.


As the season progresses, and once it becomes safe, we will add face to face meetings on the second Wednesday of each month. These meetings may also be attended through a Zoom format for those who are not present. All members will be notified via email about any and all meetings.

We have a new Five Week Cycle for our Friday Zoom meetings that take place at 3:00 PM Pacific Time for all current members. The new cycle is described below.

Instructions for photo submissions will be included in the weekly emails for the meeting.  In general, photos are to be submitted as described in the box to the right.

There are separate meetings for Basics of Photography and Elemental Post Processing.  Contact the club using the Comment/Feedback button above for more information.


 Photo  submission



  • Longest side of each image should be 1024 pixels.

  • Each image can be attached to a separate email or several images may be attached to the same email.

  • Attached images must include members initials and title of image.

       Example:  (JohnR_My Picture)

  • Image must be in JPEG format unless otherwise specified


For a guide to resizing,    CLICK HERE  


Submit your photos as described in the meeting invitation.

First Friday: PRESENTATIONS FRIDAY can range from anything related to photography, apps, tools, gadgets, techniques and so forth.  These will be announced before the meeting so people can choose to watch or not.  


Second Friday: FROM VISION TO MASTER FILE FRIDAY. Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz, Luminar or other editing programs will be used to present end to end processing.

Third Friday: SHARE YOUR “BEST” PHOTO FRIDAY Taking a photo is one thing, explaining how or why you took it and describing the steps you took to edit it is valuable for all of us. Detailed instructions are provided in the weekly email for the meeting.


Fourth Friday: SIP AND CHALLENGE FRIDAY ~ You will do one or possibly both during this Friday session depending on instructions provided for the week. You will SIP (Same Image Processing) an image chosen from the designated folder, or complete a specific Challenge to shoot a photo with a theme.  Instructions will be given for these in the weekly emails.


Fifth Fridays: Grab Bag Friday. On those months which have a fifth Friday, (October 2020 and January and April 2021), we will have grab bag time. We may schedule a special event, have a virtual party, have a hard challenge to meet, Q&A’s, sell something, take the week off, or any number of things.


WEEKLY GRAB BAG FILL IN: Any week after we do what is scheduled, we will use any remaining time filling in with Q&A, sharing of personal photo projects, sharing a new tip or trick you learned, showing us your new gadget, or almost anything you want to say or show the club. You will come to the meeting with the idea that you may or may not be able to share during grab bag fill in time, but you should be ready to share if time allows and you want to share.