2019/2020 Monthly Activities

Monthly activities include a photo feedback session, a main meeting, workshop sessions, field trips, Lightroom/Photoshop Special Interest Group (SIG), and Beginning Post Processing SIG meetings.  


The Main Meetings will have several shorter presentations with something for everyone, beginner to advanced.  The basic format of the meetings will be:  General Information, Updates, Treasurer's Report; Tip of the Month / Member Questions Answered; Photo Share; 30 minute education Topic; a 15 minute teaser for the next workshop; discussion of next month's photo theme; and display of last month's photo submissions.  The Member Questions will be selected from those submitted through the Submit Questions button above.  The Photo Share will be a club member sharing several of their photos and what they did to get the shot, covering topics such as planning, composition, camera settings, etc.


The field trips of photo shoots range from one- to multi-day shoots. These are a great way to get out and photograph sights near and far together with your fellow club members.  Please make sure to register with the event organizers.   Below is a summary of the activities, with details on the following pages.


No meetings this month

Photo Feedback: Nov 8. 

Main Meeting: Nov 13. Education topic ‘Constable, Turner and Pictorialism - The evolution of photography’ by Graham Jones

Workshop: TBD

Field trip:  Nov 15.  Oak Glen apple farm
Photo assignment:  Doors



Photo  submission procedures:


  • Longest side of each image should be 1024 pixels.

  • Each image can be attached to a separate email or several images may be attached to the same email.

  • Attached images must include members initials and title of image.

       Example:  (JohnR_My Picture)

  • Image must be in JPEG format


   A guide to resizing     CLICK HERE  


Submit your photos using the button on the month's page.  Submissions are due by the 1st Wednesday of the following month.

Photo Feedback: Dec 4. 

Main Meeting: Dec 11. Photo share by Ernie Wallerstein; education topic Portrait Photography (Family Photography) by Diane Anderson

Workshop: Dec 18.  Post Processing – Portraits

Field trip:  TBD
Photo assignment:  Change the View Point


Photo Feedback: Mar 4. 

Main Meeting: Mar 11.  Photo share by Jim Schacht; education topic What is Fine Art Photography

Workshop:  Mar 25.  Intermediate Post Processing

Field trip:  Mar 24. Indio Badlands
Photo assignment:  Spring in the Desert


Photo Feedback: None

Date Festival Prep:  Jan 6.

Main Meeting: Jan 8.  Education topic Guest Speaker Gary L. Freidman

Field trip:  Jan 13.  Cahuilla Tewanet Overlook

Workshop: Jan 23.  Night Photography
Photo assignment:  Action

Photo Feedback: Apr 1. 

Main Meeting: Apr 8.  Education topic Reflection and Mirror Photography by Gail Stewart

Workshop:  TBD

Field trip:  TBD
Photo assignment:  Sculptures in the Coachella Valley

ALL camera club events and meetings have been cancelled for the remainder of the season.  See you next fall.


Field trip:  TBD

Photo Feedback: Feb 5. 

Main Meeting: Feb  12. Education topic Guest Speaker Charles Needle

Workshop:  Feb 26.  Still Life Photography

Camera Club Exhibit and Sale:  Feb 29.
Photo assignment:  Street Photography


Photo Feedback: May 6. 

Main Meeting: May 13.  Education topic Rule of Composition – Creative Framing by Jeff Fier

Workshop: None

Field trip:  None
Summer Photo assignment:  Perspective

Updated 04/02/2020